Getting Started with Infofillment

We’re often asked “Well, how do I get started with Infofillment?”  Here’s a quick overview of how the process works.

1. First, you’ll talk with one of our Client Care team members  either via phone or email, whichever you prefer.  During this initial discussion you’ll share with us the specifics of your information product.  You can expect to answer questions like:

  • How many CDs and/or DVDs will be in your product?
  • How do you think you want those packaged? (DVD cases, jewel cases, in plastic sleeves in albums, something else)  Be sure to look through our virtual catalog of packaging options if you need some ideas.
  • Will there be any manuals, transcripts or workbooks in the product?
  • How many pages in each?
  • Black and white printing only or color printing throughout?
  • Single or double-sided printing?
  • Any tabs or dividers in the printed documents?
  • What type of binding do you want? (3-ring binder, spiral-bound, saddle-stitched)
  • Will there be any ancillary materials such as a quick start guide, read this first letter, or anything else?

2.  Once we have your product specs we’ll email you a formal quotation for production of your information product.

3.  Once you say you’re ready to move forward we’ll need to set you up as a new client in our system.  Click here for a copy of the SFS New Client Application.

4.  If you’re going to be a fulfillment only client (we don’t duplicate or print anything for you, we just ship things provided by you such as perfect bound books) then a separate Fulfillment Services Agreement is needed. Simply complete and fax back to us at 812-877-7115.

5.  If we’re going to be providing duplication services for you next we’ll want to prepare for you a mock-up of your product for your approval.  You’ll need to get to us the artwork files for any binder covers, disc case outserts, CD or DVD labels and any other components.  Click here for the complete Artwork Specifications.

Send us PDF files of any manuals and workbooks and actual known good master discs for any CDs or DVDs in your product.  We prefer to work from known good masters rather than trying to download audio or data files and hoping that the download captured everything properly.

6.  After we have all the files and master discs we need you’ll receive a full version of your new information product to inspect and sign off on.  Here’s your chance to “tweak” anything before we go into a regular production run.

7.  Once you’ve approved your mock-up we’ll initiate the work order for a regular production run.  Our minimum run of a product is just 12 units, so you don’t have to keep tons of inventory on hand if you don’t want to.  Allow from 5-7 days to have your product in stock and ready to ship to your end customers.

8.  While your production run is underway your Client Care Team representative will set up with you the method by which we’ll receive new order notices so that orders can be shipped promptly.  If you don’t already have a method to take orders online we encourage you to check out our own Red Oak Cart, as it’s already 100% fully integrated with our fulfillment services.

And that’s all there is to it.  So let’s get started!